I am an eclectic sociologist & web designer and at the same time cyclist and photographer. My interests range from urban sociology to a conscious use of information technology.

I am co-founder of the Bugslab, an IT collective involved since 2001 in the free-software and DIY (Do It Yourself) practice diffusion. I’ve organized in Italy, Spain and Argentina, several workshops and campaigns about FLOSS (free/libre/open-source software)

Since 2005, I am part of Estereotips, an international collective of “hacktivists” that focuses its research and artistic production on man-machine interaction and recycling technology, using the DIT methodology (Do It Together).

The master degree in Ecological Economics, obtained in 2007 at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, leads me to an active interest in participatory mapping in the management of socio-environmental conflicts, and in using this methodology in workshops, laboratories and projects both at a local and international level.

Since 2008 I work with the NGO Lunaria, implementing the ICT part of European (Grundtvig and Youth in Action program, Erasmus+)  and international cooperation projects (“Multimedia Centre Cape Verde” – JMDI – UE and UNDP joint initiative) that deal with social inclusion, active citizenship, participation and intercultural learning,

Since 2009, I work as free lance webmaster and web designer.